Questions to Consider for the New Year

1. What have been the defining events/moments in my life during the past year?
2. In what ways did I grow as a human being?
3. In what ways did I sin or “fall short” or “miss the mark”?
4. What did I learn this past year?
5. What inspired me during the past year?
6. To whom do I own an apology (including myself)?
7. How do I apologize for the hurts I may have caused?
8. How do I let go of the hurts that has been done to me? Forgiveness?
9. In what ways did I contribute to making the world (myself, my home, my communities, my country, the world) a better place?
10. What are the major gaps between who I wish to be and what I am?
11. How would I like to grow this coming year?
12. How do I celebrate the preciousness of my life?
13. How am I described by other people now? How would I like to be described?
14. What is my legacy?
15. What do I hope to get out of the High Holy Days this year?