Yom Shlishi, 3 Tammuz 5777

Chavurot and Special Interest Groups at CBS


Starting in the fall of 2014, CBS will be forming Chavurot under the leadership of Karen and Steve Sager. A Chavurah is a group of people who get together based on similar interests, backgrounds, and ages and allows people to form friendships with other members of CBS.

Even though we are a relatively small congregation, our members have expressed a desire to have interaction with smaller groups so that they can really shape meaningful connections.

Being part of a Chavurah is a great way to celebrate Shabbat, Holiday meals and other events. Generally, they will consist of five to eight families.

This will begin under the auspices of CBS, as stated, and then you will organize your meetings, dinners, movie nights, outings, etc. yourselves. If you need guidance, help to get going, ideas, the Board of CBS, Steve or Karen Sager as Chairpersons of Membership, will be there to help you.

Some potential categories could be:

  • Empty nesters
  • People who wish to have Shabbat dinners together
  • Families with pre Bar or Bat Mitzvahs
  • People who want to study together
  • Mid 60’s and up
  • Families with Teens of similar ages
  • Singles ages 45-65
  • Singles who want to be with marrieds
  • We welcome any other suggestions

We look forward to your input.

Please contact Karen Sager (, Vice-President of Membership, for more information.

Special Interest Groups

These groups are different than Chavurot in that that may meet only once or twice a year and different people might come each time.

Currently special interest groups include:

  • Theater Lovers – Will attend live entertainment in and around Napa and the North Bay area.
  • Bike Enthusiasts – On a monthly basis will enjoy interesting bike trips to local points of interest.
  • Restaurant Connoisseurs – Groups of 4 to 8 individuals will meet at various new and interesting restaurants in cities in and surrounding Napa County.
  • Let’s Hike – Monthly hiking expeditions will be available for those who are interested in experiencing the beautiful nature surrounding our area.
  • Cooking up a Storm – Get together with 4 to 8 individuals and plan, prepare and share a meal together on a quarterly basis. This group is not for beginners or timid cooks.
  • Finding our Past…Genealogy made easy – Learn how to trace your ancestors and work together as a group.
  • A Day at the Museum – Quarterly events to various museums will be held.

More information on how to sign up will be posted soon.